Friday, October 17, 2008

Help Get Out The Vote, Support Art At The Obamaware Sale

Now this is something I am really glad to see. Artists banding together, combining art and activism or "Artivism" and becoming politically active. Ceramic Artist Ayumi Horie has brought together a group of potters and has set up shop on Ebay to sell thier work and raise money for the Obama/Biden Campaign. Some of the artists who are participating are; Dan Anderson, Andy Brayman, John Byrd, Victoria Christen, Steven Colby, Michael Corney, Josh DeWeese, Diana Fayt, Donna Flanery, Julia Galloway, Ayumi Horie, Janice Jakielski, Garth Johnson, Kathy King, Michael Kline, Beth Lo, Kirk Mangus, Alleghany Meadows, Jeffry Mitchell, Peter Morgan, Jill Oberman, Jess Parker, Ron Philbeck, Elizabeth Robinson, Justin Rothshank, Shoko Teruyama, Jason Walker, Sarah Archer Essay.
Through out history artists have come together, stood up and raised thier voices to call out for action. The time is now for us all to do our part. Go to a calling party, talk to people about voting, anything, just do SOMETHING for HOPE and PROGRESS!

Be sure to check out the Obamaware website and if you can, buy a piece!

Obamaware will now be up for auction on Ebay starting: Sunday night, October 19th, at 8 pm EST and will be up for 3days.


Patricia Griffin said...

I think it's great that Ayumi's site got so overloaded that they had to postpone the auction and take it to Ebay to handle the volume! It'll be interesting to see how the auction goes when it gets underway tonight!

Linda Starr said...

Thanks for keeping us posted.

Buddha said...

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