Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Force Is Strong In This One ~ Jeff Martin

I came accross Jeff Martins blog one afternoon and was impressed with his work and intrigued by him. His blog is his diary where he shares his daily life and work, his loves and interests. Be sre to follow the link and read his blog. To check out his website with all of his work go to Jeff Martin Ceramics. And if you would like to purchase any of his ceramics or cards and illustrations be sure to visit Jeff Martin Designs, his Etsy page.
Why clay?.... been working with clay for about four years. Never really taken a day off since i started. Just feels right in so many ways. Like I have been working with it all my life, or past lives!
If not for clay what would you be doing?
..... probably some high-end criminal activity, or waiting tables..
What gets you in the mood?
...I am always in the mood, i just forget every now and then, when the mundane stress bullshit from living in too much fear creeps in, I love my work and my main issue is finding balance...I often have to drag myself out of the studio and do such things as sleep, and interact with the rest of the world. So far, the ideas have just been building and i feel like i am just a baby in this medium..the force is strong in this one...
Do you listen to music when you work?,,, npr this tastes are all over the often is a mood-catalyst for me, when i am feeling a bit flat, or a mood enhancer when i am feeling right on. love music.
Thanks for the tip, just got some groovesalad! What motivates, inspires and brings you pleasure?
...inspiration comes from all kinds of sources...i try and let the flow me there is no separation for the inspired..i find the same energy available in many different areas..for example riding my bike is just as connected to my art as raising my daughter, learning how to listen, or working on throwing a new form..
Who are your favorite artists and why?
....diggin' all kinds of folks, really too many too narrow down..they range from gustav klimt to henry lewis..from fine art to outsider art...and of course the claysters...duckworth, soldner, ohr, bringle,..on and of my favorite pastimes is reading through back issues of studio potter, cm, and claytimes..
What?s your favorite cuss word?
... dang-it-all
What would you say to someone just getting started in ceramics who asks you for advice?
.... love it or leave, really i would say enjoy yourself and let they clay talk to you..the medium is so diverse in how it allows one to voice their spirit..
What is your feeling on the artist as activist, Artivism? and the handmade movement?
eh....handmade is alright i guess, but dang-it-all, walmart has everything i need!, artivism? no idea...i'll go with gandhi on this one and"be the change you wish to see"...yeah, that's the ticket..
When I first saw your work it I thought of art class in junior high where we took a special board (cant remember the name) painted it with india ink then scratched out designs. I guess that was a type of scraffito and I remember that I loved doing that! Tell me about your work and your process.
maybe scratch board?? yes, i practice the sgraffito method of deco most regularly, in which i throw/handbuild a piece, allow it to set up just past the leather-hard stage. i then coat the piece with 2-3 layers of commercial underglaze, and carve. i do the design work free-hand, and add underglaze colors after the design is done. i then bisque and glaze fire, ising don-davis clear over the piece.most of my work is fired electric to cone six..but i hope to broaden my firing processes in the work is very unique.
What's your favorite quote?
..... "fall down seven get up eight"..or.."a small pot is soon hot"....or "do not walk barefoot if ye sow brambles".
Thanks Jeff!


Susie said...

I love the little bit of color he add's to these pieces.. it instantly draws you in !

Patricia Griffin said...

Great interview with one of my favorite potter-bloggers! Readers who enjoy this interview will love Jeff's blog. I've been following it for awhile. His work is like nothing else out there.

Linda Starr said...

I just love Jeff's original pieces, they are truly amazing.

Anonymous said...

good interview that seemed to capture his personality as well.