Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Harrison Macintosh

I wanted to post the rest of the images i took the other night of the Harrison Macintosh show at AMOCA. Enjoy!

Also At The Armstrong ~ Clay Street

"Throughout history, many civilizations have used the ceramic medium to record their existence. From these artifacts, we can form an understanding and various interpretations of their social, political, and religious structures. My work reflects some of these aspects of contemporary society, with an aesthetic uniquely related to the street culture of Los Angeles." This is how Los Angeles based ceramic artist Gerardo Monterrubio describes his work. My pictures dont do it justice, should have taken my camera. Be sure to follow the link to his website.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

“Hello Chimera” At The Armstrong

Molly Schulps work is currently showing at the Armstrong Gallery in the Pomona Arts Colony. Her work is strangely familiar in a dream-like Dr. Moreau way. She combines various parts to create the inhabitants of her world, she "investigates creation, evolution, and science with an added humorous and kitschy commentary". Her use of color enhnaces the surreal quality of the work. Even if this isnt your cup of tea you can appreciate the creativity of her work. I am fascinated by it and enjoy seeing ceramic art moving beyond function and exploring boundries of reality.

Harrison Macintosh At AMOCA

On saturday September 12 I went out to Pomona for the monthly Art Walk and to several ceramic openings. The first was the opening of the Harrison Macintosh show at AMOCA. As usual the folks at AMOCA have put together an incredible show. One of the leaders of the Southern California post-World War II crafts movement his work boasts of beautiful precise lines and decorative graphic elements that accentuate the perfect proportions of his timeless pottery.

More to come from the opening at the Armstrong!