Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Please Support The Tile House in Wonder Valley California

In the Mohave Desert outside Joshua Tree, in Wonder Valley is a magical place called the Tile House. The Tile House is an art project/home by artist Perry Hoffman. Perry's goal is to cover the entire house in mosaic. To achieve that goal he has set up a Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to complete the project. Below are some words from Perry about the project and be sure t follow the links for more info and to donate!

"My name is Perry Hoffman, a mosaic artist who has been creating an art installation, roadside attraction, beacon and portal now known as the Tile House. The Tile House is also my home, in the Mojave desert near Joshua Tree, in Wonder Valley. I moved from San Francisco to the desert in 2000. I have been working on this project for eleven years. I have mosaic/tiled walls inside and outside the house. as well as some floors, using my handmade fused glass and ceramics, Mexican tile, smalti, thrift store bric-a-brac and donations of ceramics from fellow artists in the desert and other gifts from kind individuals. This house reflects the beauty of the desert and is a mirror of wildlife, beauty and gigantic skies. As you can see in the video it is almost impossible to capture the expanse and range of mosaics that has become this installation/portal to a magical desert. I would like to complete this installation by the end of 2013. Scaffolding, thin set, tile and labor are needed to finish the walls, approximately 500 sq feet outside and 2300 sq feet inside. When I am away the house is rented as a vacation rental.

The notes people leave me are often of a cathartic nature which tells me that my art is communicating something of value and helping people see themselves and the desert in a new way"
So if you are in need of a desert get-away the Tile House is the place, follow the link for more info. And if you can spare a few bucks be sure to follow the link and donate to a wonderful project. Click here to donate today! If you cant donate money I know that Perry gladly accepts donations of tile. Leave a comment below.