Sunday, February 3, 2008

Paper Clay

Have you ever used it? We had a show at Xiem once and the majority of the work was done with paper clay. I have been researching how to make it, fire it etc. Here's a link to a page on SQUIDOO with lots of information on making and firing paper clay.
Angela Mellor is responsible for this beautiful bowl made with paper clay. be sure and follow the link to her website, the work is incredible!


Josh said...

beautiful. i can see an entire space made of this!

Chris McCormick said...

That would be cool! With lights behind making the whole space glow, would be kind of etherial

frog ponds rock... said...

Hi.. thanks for coming over to my blog..I have used paper clay and I love it.. I am not using it at the moment though..I have only used paper clay that i made myself.. *phew* that is a whole story by itself.. My ceramic supplier has commercial paper clay available but I haven't used that at all..

cheers kim :)

Chris McCormick said...

I am looking forward to working with paper clay one of these days. From what I have read making it is alot of work, good for you! Me, I like to be able to look at something and say, "I'll have fifty pounds of that"

Anthony Foo said...

Hi all,

Found this blog while surfing the net. I've been using paperclay for my sculptures since 2004 and I really love it.

For more info, please visit my site,

Hope we get more people here.