Friday, February 1, 2008

Cooking In Your Kiln

I have heard stories in the past of people having parties at thier studios and using the kiln to cook in. I actually did use a kiln recently at a potluck to keep food warm until everyone arrived, I decided to Google "Cooking In Your Kiln" and came up with the website for New Mexico Clay with a story about cooking in your kiln.

Have you ever done it? If so let me know how it went, maybe I'll post it!


Cynthia said...

Never thought of it - but why not?

Mel said...

I have so done this! I grew up in a university ceramics lab. While waiting for a salt fire to come to temp, we sometimes would take a turkey, stuff it with apples and onions and garlic cloves, wrap it in foil, then in a slab of terra cotta and fire at 350.

It was usually timed so that by the time we were done throwing salt into the one kiln, the turkey was done in the other.

We did a pork roast one time, but I thought the turkey was better. XD

Chris McCormick said...

Hey Mel;
Thats just what a friend talked about, wrapping a chicken or turkey in clay then cooking it. I love the concept and want to ty it one day.
Thanks for sharing!