Saturday, February 23, 2008

DIG: Excavation Workshops

Sierra gave her talk about her work today at the Xiem Clay Center, Sierra is a wonderful story teller and it was quite interesting.
Speaking of Sierra, as part of her show she has been conducting workshops. There is one coming up next week. Here's the info...
DIG: Excavation Workshops
What if...?
What do we want to leave as a legacy...all the silliness, sadness, beauty, hope and irrelevance?
What if I dont tell the story, who will?
So I started EXCAVATION WORKSHOPS in which participants from the community can become both artisan and dig assistant. Theycreate small clay relics - artifacts which become a permanent part of the dig. A group photo is taken with thier names and the name the excavation site to be posted with the exhibit. The workshops are an integral part of the process and purpose of the dig. They pose questions of our legacy and represent what they'd like to be found 10, 100 even 100 years into the future. each workshop takes place over three days, each one week apart so that the relics can dry, be bisqued and glazed then high fired, prior to being admired and discussed then coveted by me!
The next excavation is scheduled at the Xiem Clay Center and the dates are as follows;
Sunday March 2, 11am to 1 pm:
Invent and create as many or as few small artifacts and relics out of clay which would fit within a 3x3x5 in box
Sunday March 9, 11am to 1 pm:
Oxide and glaze the bisqued relics
Sunday March 16, 11am to 1pm
Examine and discuss the finished relics
The workshops are scheduled one week apart to allow for drying and firing. This event is free and open to the public. If you are interested in attending please call the Xiem Clay Center @ 626.794.5833
If you are interedted in bringing the show and workshops to your community contact Sierra through her website DIG

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