Saturday, January 26, 2008

Elitism in the Art World or The Cult of Personality

For many people being an artist isn’t a choice, it’s something that goes to the core of your being. As bohemian individuals we strive to live a creative life outside the box that is why when you come up against the wall of the elite galleries it can be discouraging. If you don’t fit in the “mold” of what the galleries of the world want, or expect you to be, you are out, consigned to selling your stuff on the streets. Luckily sites like Etsy came along and strived to make it easier for the common artist.
But now there is MyArtPlot. MAP seeks to create a global art community on the web to bring people together from all corners of the earth with the common goal of getting their work seen and fighting elitism.
I see sites like this as a good thing. There is a movement underfoot ladies and gentlemen. You might call it a backlash against the mass-produced. The handmade and the craftivism movements can only help us as artists in our pursuit of self sustainability.
I applaud MyArtPlot and wish them great success! Follow the link and set up your free account, and take part in a social movement. SIGN UP!

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