Sunday, January 27, 2008

DIG: An Imagined Archeo-logism

Ceramic Artist Sierra Pecheur has a show coming up at the Xiem Clay Center in Pasadena CA, from February 16th thru April 12th, 2008.

DIG: An Imagined Archeo-logism is an installation of ceramic sculptures which examines and questions archetypal constructs of myth and meaning. Comprised of close to 400 ceramic pieces that include over 350 skulls and bones, Dig represents an archaeological site, but in this case, the excavated clay sculptures are decidedly not congruent with the stories that popular myth promotes. As part of the installation, workshops are presented that offer members of the community the opportunity to create their own small clay relics and artifacts to add to the exhibition.
DIG addresses the stories behind two cultural myths: Medusa--which in Sanskrit means “sovereign female wisdom,” yet somehow in Greek myth evolved into a malicious snake-haired monster; Icarus & Daedalus--whose relationship explores the question of cause, effect and accountability. A two-foot version of the Willendorf Venus, the earth’s guardian of the past 20,000 years, begins the Medusa evolution. With her chest cavity wide open and broken heart exposed, she still stands--a Medusa surrounded by guardians, creatures both mythic and real.The through line of DIG is STORY. Bones tell stories. Myths are stories fabricated by victors to put their spin on events. To further expand the reach of this tale, DIG: An Imagined Archeo-logism, I ask the question “what if…?” I imagine what the truth of the stories might have been and then sculpt them into reality.

Check back soon for a question and answer with Sierra!

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