Sunday, June 27, 2010

Andy Clift And Claystation

Late last year a friend and I went out to Redlands California to the home and studio of artist Andy Clift. I had seen his work at the Xiem Clay Center. Larger than life orchids doubling as fountains. They are beautiful and somewhat surreal. Andy teaches ceramics at the University of Redlands as well as San Bernadino Valley College.

Andy is also the founder of Claystation, an online community for ceramics enthusiasts everywhere. Claystation is loaded with information. I highly suggest you get a favorite beverage, follow the link, set-up an account and do some reading. There are forums, links and classifieds. Once you have an account you can join in by participating in the forums. There is a great selection of instructional videos to watch as well. Do yourself a favor, set up and account, bookmark the page and visit often. Lets all help Andy make Claystation a place where potters from all over the world can go to for news and information.

Thanks Andy!

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