Sunday, August 2, 2009

Porcelain For The People!

Hello, sorry I havent posted for a while, been busy working on my first full e-commerce website for my t-shirt company.
I had an idea for a new feature here on SoCalPotters, kind of an online studio tour. If you want to participate send me some images of your studio and tell what you like about it, your favorite time of day to work etc.
Send to cmc @
I got an email from Matt Katz of Matt and Daves Clays the other day. I am very interested in trying thier clay, check out the site for more info MattandDavesClays.Com or thier blog all about slipcasting at
They are combining right and left brain disicplines in thier work. Bringing science and art together. Cool.
They are on FaceBook and you can follow them on Twitter too!
Check it out.

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Linda Starr said...

Hi Chris, I'll have to take a photo and send you one. Matt's blog is great. How did you tea party go?