Sunday, August 9, 2009

Diversity In Clay at AMOCA

Last night I went to the opening reception for the American Ceramic Society, Design Chapter's community exhibition and fundraiser featuring Southern California Ceramic Artists, at the American Museum of Ceramic Art. It was a great show! So much incredible work to see. My friend Celeste Iida is the President of the ACSDC and did an incredible job as did the judges. Above is William Shin, extruder extraordinare, his work is incredible.

From left to right above is work from David Cuzick and Marc Hoar, my FaceBook friend Patti Hallowes won an Honorable Mention for her sculpture "A little bird told me". Next is a sculpture by David Gilbaugh and a giant egg, "Ceramasaurus" by Charles Sherman.

Above is work from Heather Rosenman with Twyla Wardell in the background and Heidi Ulbrich. Below is Christy Johnson, the director at AMOCA. Christy does a fabulous job bringing in amazing work, hats off to you Christy! thank you for all your work!

You can click any image to enlarge. The show runs through August 29th, see it if you can!


Anonymous said...

nice write up Chris. This was a really good show. So much to look at and think about. A must see!
Sally Anne

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<3 Lindsay

Linda Starr said...

Some really great work, thanks Chris.