Sunday, August 31, 2008

Music, Cake & SEX!!! ~ Perry Hoffman

I first learned about Perry Hoffman while cruising through the blogosphere looking for art blogs. I was impressed by his mosaic tile work and his use of color and pattern. I have since learned more about him, not only is he an amazing mosaic artist but a photographer and painter as well, combining his photographs and painting in beautiful montages. His blog is called MagentaRaves and you can get a sense of who he is, Perry Hoffman is Magenta Raven! You can also check out (and purchase) some of his photography here at his Zazzle page. He splits his time between his home in Santa Barbara and his retreat in Wonder Valley near Joshua Tree. In fact he has self-published a book called "8 Years in Wonder Valley", follow the link to take a look. Perry is also involved in mail art, you can learn about that at RavenMailArt and get involved in mail art yourself!
Why clay? Hmmmm. Ever since High School I have returned to clay over and over through the years. Always enjoyed the tactile experience of clay and the possiblilty of ending up with a 3d form. In the last ten years of doing mosaics, I have magically returned to clay again, and this time making elements that end up in the mosaic, so it's like recycling every bit of work you do. If it's not the best ceramic piece it can be smashed and live on in a mosaic. If it's worthy on it's own, it can live on, of course until somebody accidentally breaks it and then it too becomes a mosaic element. I have learned a lot from a teacher/friend, Elizabeth Raybee who is an amazing mosaic artist in Northern California. I noticed that she was introducing clay work into her pieces, it's a very intriguing concept really. Anyway one thing led to another and my work started to change using elements from the kiln, handmade tiles and tiles that weren't square or regular. I have been making clay rattles and buddha faces from molds I have made. Recently I've been creating erotic rattles, shows you what effects being married might have :-) Clay is sensual to the touch and I find the less I do to the clay the better. It's already holding it's own. Of course it's always a thrill to see the final work emerge, glazed and complete.
What gets you in the mood? Frustration, war, bad vibrations always stimulate me and these days there is a never ending supply of inspiration to make something beautiful to put into the world. I enjoy unleashing my creative energies to produce something that might transform another person's view of it all. The world can be such a SQUARE place that it drives me almost mad and that is what gets me in the mood to work clay and shape shift something... anything.

Do you listen to music when you work? Often, music is really key in elevating the moment's vibration and I am a firm beleiver that it helps me create better work. Real artists and singers like Joni Mitchell and kd lang will always supply me with sufficient pranah (life force energy) to sustain me while I work, but also Abba and pure disco Kylie Minogue will do the trick as well, anything that elevates. What motivates and inspires you? Music, cake, sex, nature and color... only reverse the order thank you... Oh and being grateful.
Who are your favorite artists and why? Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, Chagall, Pablo, Shari Elf, Federico Fellini, Yoko, John, Hockney, David La Chappell, Imogen Cunningham, Simon Rodia, because they push the envelope, use color and sound in a striking way.
What’s your favorite cuss word? Fuck, BUT really it's the taboo one that you can't ever say, that's my secret favorite! :-)
What is your favorite pleasure? music, cake and sex
What would you say to someone just getting started in ceramics who asks you for advice? Do less to the clay. Let the clay talk to YOU. Shape it and then leave it alone... ALMOST
What is your feeling on the artist as activist, Artivism? and the “handmade” movement? Not familiar with the handmade movement but art mixed in with politics and environmental causes is both excellent and a bit nauseating because there is a double thing going on, not always clear.... it is also true that buying some art and having some of the money go to a good cause, feels right and feels connected. Ahhh conundrums.
What is it about tile and mosaics that draws you to it? Love breaking things, I do it naturally all the time. Ask my husband. He wondered if there would be anything left of his treasures after we first started living together. I break stuff. But sincerely, for me it's always been a great lesson in letting go and quite frankly, material things are not where it's at, which clay will always teach you... don't be too attached.
What’s your favorite quote? "Get the girl to do it" !!! , Perry Hoffman


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