Sunday, August 24, 2008

Latino Ceramists At The Folk Tree

There is a great shop and gallery in Pasadena called the Folk Tree . The Folk Tree specializes in latin folk art, lots of Day of the Dead items etc, if you go there make sure you have plenty of time! The store is filled to capacity with incredible stuff. In the back they have a gallery. The current show int he gallery is celebrating local Latino Ceramists.
Tomas Owen, Ricky Maldonado, Angel Lopez, Dora De Lario and newcomber Alejandra Hernandes (I hope to have an interview with her) are some of the artists represented, and whose work is pictured here. I wasnt able to get shots of all the artists and thier work because of the size of the crowd but if you are in Los Angeles stop in to the Folk tree and check it out. The show runs through September 20th.


Linda Starr said...

Wow, I just got on the Folk Tree site and there are some beautiful ceramics in the show. I am going to make time to get down there to see it. Thanks so much.

Chris McCormick said...

Enjoy it Linda, like I said, take your time there is so much in the store to look at PLUS the great ceramics in the show!