Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Fred Marer Collection Visit

We had our trip to see the Fred Marer Collection at Scripps yesterday. If you ever have a chance to go do so. It is incredible to see all these works of ceramic art in one place. Over and over again while going through the file cabinets filled with treasures and the crates lining the floors you see pieces that you may have only seen in books and magazines. The collection represents ceramic art from the 1950's onward. Peter Voulkos, Jun Kaneko, Phil Cornelius, the list goes on and on. All completely accessible to touch, hold and photograph. This was my second of what I hope are many visits to the collection. I don't think I will ever tire of seeing it and the inspiration I feel after is great!
A special thank you to Kirk Dellman!

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Josh said...

totally awesome! this was a real privilege.

Chris McCormick said...

It really is, thats why I suggest that if you ever have a chance to see this collection, go do it! How often do you get to see something like this and be able to examine the pieces?