Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Elaine Coleman

Today's interview is with Elaine Coleman. Elaine is responsible for the incredible carvings on her husband Tom's work. They had a show and workshop at Xiem Clay Center last year, both were excellent. They give a great workshop and I highly recommend them if you have a chance.

There is a softness to Elaine's work that I really admire. At the show I picked up one of the pieces, so delicate to the touch I simply wanted to cradle it and admire. Be sure to visit the Tom & Elaine Coleman website for more info on upcoming shows and workshops.

Why clay? I Love the excitement of never knowing if it will turn out. Tom’s porcelain is almost like glass which I also love.
Where do you like to work? In my studio all alone.
What gets you in the mood? Knowing I have a beautiful form to design a drawing on.
Do you listen to music when you work? Sometimes and other times old radio and talk shows
What motivates your work? I like designing on the surface of new work and when I see thing in nature it makes me creative.
Do you like to work alone or in public? Alone
Who is your favorite artist and why? Vincent Van Gogh because of the colors and movement of his work.
Mine too, What’s your favorite cuss word? Shit
What is your favorite pleasure? Eating good food and traveling to tropical places.
What would you say to someone just getting started in ceramics who asks you for advice? Be sure this is what you want to do and that you have a real passion for clay because it’s not easy to make a living at unless you become a teacher and then you don’t have much time to be creative.
Thank You Elaine!

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Josh said...

the line work is beautiful and has a similar quality to a wood block print.

thanks for sharing!

Chris McCormick said...

My pleasure

Joshua Smith said...

We would like to go and watch