Sunday, November 8, 2009

Muddy's Wood Fire Classic

Last night my friends and I ventured deep behind the orange curtain to the Muddy's Wood Fire Classic at Muddy's Studio, Orange County's Premier Ceramic Studio. I hadnt been out there and was excited to see it. Kevin Myers started Muddy's and has done an incredible job. Seems like a great space to foster the ceramic arts. The Wood Fire Classic was juried by T Robert and John Pacini. I have never participated in a wood firing but was very inspired by the work on display and look forward to developing a body of work for a possible firing next year. Enjoy the pictures! Will post more in a couple days.


Nickname unavailable said...

Nice posting Chris, thank you. The Muddy's Wood Fire Classic is the fourth show at The Myers Gallery at Muddy's Studio. Each show has grown in interest, applications and attendance. More shows to come in 2010! Call for Entries will be posted soon. Attached is a link to additional show images taken at The Myers Gallery opening last Saturday.

Chris McCormick said...

Thank you! I look forward to coming to more openings in the future. If there is ever anything you would like posted here at So Cal Potters, let me know!