Sunday, October 11, 2009

Art From The Ashes

Saturday October 10th I took a drive up to the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens to see the "Art From The Ashes" show.

Art From The Ashes is a non profit organization formed to create artwork to benefit those devastated by the ravages of fire. "ART from the ashes is a collaborative of independent artists and volunteers, founded by native Californian Joy Feuer, who contribute talent, time and energy to create art for resource. Artwork is crafted from materials collected from fire site locations after personal items have been removed. Debris that would otherwise be cleared and dumped into landfill is gathered and transfigured into one-of-a-kind works of art through the unique vision of each artist. ART from the ashes then hosts a charity exhibition showcasing the art that has been created from the reclaimed fire site materials. A portion of the proceeds from each exhibition is donated to a local or national charity chosen by the business or individuals impacted by the fire."

The show was placed along a pathway surrounding a wildflower filled meadow. Although the gardens were not totally destroyed and are making a comeback you can see the devastation the fire caused. The piece above is by Evan Vieser who used ash from the fire in his work. Below is an assemblage piece by Celeste Iida, she chose a blob of aluminum that had been a garden tool and the plates on the right below are from Peter Gee who also used ash from the fire in his creations.

The piece above on the left is from Joy Feuer, Joy placed a chunk of charred wood on her piece creating a different effect than using ash in glaze.

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