Friday, April 4, 2008

Philip Cornelius At Fullerton College

Ceramic Artist Karen Sullivan just sent me some info to share.
Philip Cornelius is the Artist in Residence At Fullerton College, on Chapman Ave in Fullerton this week. Phil will be conducting demonstrations all week and has a great show in their gallery. The show is a retrospective of his work.
Last month in our visit to the Fred Marer Collection I had the privilege of holding and examining one of his "thin ware cups". They are amazing, porcelain so thin they glow when held up to the light and incredibly lightweight as well. Phil is a fixture in the ceramics world here in Southern California. He has been conducting demonstrations all week and has a great show at their gallery....
Another event is the Ink & Clay at Cal Poly Pomona, follow the link for more info
The show opening will be in the gallery Thursday, April 10th, 7-9 pm
An additional event will be a slide Lecture by William Shinn, who participated In the Ink & Clay last year. Mr. Shinn creates vessels with the use of an extruder, I have added some images from the web below. The slide talk will be in Bldg. 13 on Thursday April 10 at 1 pm

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Josh said...

I was honored to visit the Fred Marer collection. My comments are from an architecture and building perspective.

After seeing and holding the thin ware I was floored. I kept thinking to myself, "How about a wall made of this material. A building with this".

Probably a fantasy in terms of material limits but imagine the environment that this quality of texture and light could have on a habitable space!

They do it in glass and plastic all of the time but the light and spatial qualities that ceramics produces totally surpasses the latter in my opinion.

I would love to see some critical cross-pollination between the ceramic world and the status quo of architecture and building.